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“Membership is more than something you do or a place you go, it will be a part of your life as a family. We invite you to become a part of it.”

Become one of the first Members of the reimagined Woodlake Country Club as we roll out our phased opening and master plan. We have a lot to celebrate and can't wait to have you join our journey.

To commemorate this exciting year, the recently redesigned golf course, and the bright future ahead, we are opening pre-registration of Membership for the very supportive Community of Woodlake. We have levels for everyone; all-inclusive Premier memberships which include golf, as well as Sports/Fitness and a Social only membership for non-golf lovers.

Discounts will apply for Members that apply within the first 30 days. Although we will have social events throughout the month of October, Membership dues will not begin until November 1st 2023. Corporate Memberships may also be available upon request.

Founding Memberships

For a limited time, Woodlake residents have the opportunity to become one of the first Founding Members of Woodlake Country Club. Founding Members will benefit from all the Club’s exclusive amenities, including special annual Founding Member events, golf tournaments, full dock and lake access benefits, and future lake and marina amenities, which will have an estimated value of approximately $145 per month. Founding Memberships will be limited and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Learn how to pre-register for Membership and be one of the first to join our journey.

Membership Options & Comparison

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